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Updated April 2024

King Salman Park, the largest urban park in the world, is currently under construction in Riyadh. The park is expected to bring a brand-new experience to the community as it will offer not only an environmentally friendly recreational area but also a center of culture and education.

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King Salman Park Riyadh

King Salman Park is a proposed large urban park in Riyadh that will serve as the city’s green lung and the center of activities for its citizens. The development of the park is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to build a vibrant and healthy society. Covering 16.6 square kilometers (6.4 square miles) on the grounds of the former King Salman Air Base, the park will provide a vast green space with various cultural, artistic, sports, and recreational facilities. It will further be developed into a center for creativity, innovation, teamwork, and imagination.

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King Salman Park size

King Salman Park, currently under construction in Riyadh, is set to become the largest urban park in the world, spanning over 16 square kilometers. The park is designed to increase the region’s vegetation and improve environmental quality, featuring wide green spaces, including one million trees and other public facilities.

King Salman Park location

King Salman Park, the largest urban park in the world, is strategically located in north-central Riyadh under the new name of King Salman Neighbourhood. The park is designed to be easily accessible for visitors, as it will be linked to several main roads and various transportation options. These include five stations on the Green Line of Riyadh Metro and 10 stations of the Riyadh Bus network, making it convenient for visitors to reach the park and enjoy its vast green spaces and numerous facilities.

King Salman Park projects

The projects in King Salman Park mostly revolve around the environmental, cultural, and educational elements. Here are several projects that are expected to be built in King Salman Park.

Environmental element

As the designated green lung of Riyadh, the park is poised to encompass a vast and lush expanse. The park will offer 9.3 million square meters of green spaces featuring different kinds of unique gardens, such as an Islamic-style garden, vertical gardens, a maze garden, and a bird and butterfly sanctuary. Visitors can take a refreshing stroll around the circular pedestrian walkway and valley area, which will also include various water features.

Royal Art Complex

The Royal Art Complex will be the center of cultural and educational facilities in King Salman Park. With its distinguished and artistic design, the area will include a national theater, an outdoor theater, museums, cinemas, an art academy, and a children’s learning center. The Royal Art Complex is expected to enrich the cultural scene in Riyadh and establish the city as a center for the arts and culture.

Sports and entertainment facilities

Visitors will be spoiled with a wide array of sports and entertainment facilities. A complete set of sporting facilities will be available, including a Royal Golf Course, running and biking routes, a sports complex, and a skydiving center. Children will also enjoy the recreational areas that feature an amusement park, an aquapark, and a family amusement center. The park will undoubtedly become a place to spend quality time with family and loved ones.

Visitor center

The visitor center will feature an 80,000-square-meter pavilion that serves as the visitors’ environmental, cultural, and educational center. The area will be provided with multi-purpose halls, meeting rooms, a plant nursery, coffee shops and restaurants. Visitors will also be able to enjoy interactive shows in this pavilion.

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Tunnel

A groundbreaking new tunnel, one of the longest in the Middle East, stretches over 2,430 meters from north to south beneath the expansive King Salman Park. Inaugurated in February 2024, the tunnel boasts three lanes in each direction along with an emergency lane equipped with advanced traffic management and safety systems. These include provisions for emergency services and clearly marked evacuation routes.

King Salman Park opening date

King Salman Park, the largest urban park in the world, was officially introduced on 19 March 2019 and is anticipated to open its doors to the public around 2024. However, the precise opening date has not yet been disclosed. Rest assured, this section will be updated as soon as the date is released.


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