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Commonly found in the desert, dates bear a significant role in the United Arab Emirates community. The highly nutritious date fruit, rich in antioxidants, has emerged as the key ingredient in various Arabian dishes. Its sweet flavor makes the fruit suitable for eating fresh, dried, or modified in other ways. The other parts of the tree can also be helpful as they can be used in buildings, handicrafts, and other tools.

Given its importance in Arabian cultural and economic life, it is no wonder that the UAE has a festival that is specifically dedicated to this fruit. Here, Wego will walk you through the Liwa Date Festival, where visitors can explore a wide array of UAE dates and other thrilling activities.

What is Liwa Date Festival?

Organized by the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festival Committee, the Liwa Date Festival is dedicated to highlighting dates’ significant influence on the country’s culture, heritage, and economic life. Through its series of events, the festival is meant to support the country’s agricultural sector while also promoting the UAE culture and heritage.

It facilitates the development of date fruit producers by introducing them to modern agricultural practices and connecting them with fellow producers and investors. During the event, visitors can explore various samples of dates produced by local businesses in the UAE.

The Liwa Date Festival 2024 location

The festival is held annually in the Liwa City Al Dhafra Region in Abu Dhabi. This section will be updated if there are changes for the 2024 festival,

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The Liwa Date Festival 2024 timing

The timing for the 2024 festival has not been announced yet. This section will be updated once the schedules have emerged.

The Liwa Date Festival 2024 tickets

Visitors are welcome to explore the myriad UAE dates and all other events in the Liwa Date Festival for free. No tickets are required to attend the festival.

What to expect at Liwa Date Festival 2024?

The Liwa Date Festival offers unique and unforgettable experiences for visitors. Although the details for the 2024 festival have not been released yet, here are several activities that can be expected based on last year’s festival.

Discover various date varieties

Savour the UAE’s most popular date variety at the festival’s pop-up market that provides more than a hundred date shops. You can also dig deeper into the value of dates to the Emirati culture along with the UAE’s initiatives to promote sustainable food practices.

Participate in the competitions

More than 20 competitions are held for the festival, with prizes worth around AED 8 million. The competitions that are featured in the festival usually include the infamous best date fruit competition, the best mangoes competition, the fruit basket competition, the best heritage model competition, and many more.

Explore the traditional market

The traditional market provides a venue to exchange cultural goods and knowledge. Here, you can look at the unique handicrafts made from the local date and palm trees, along with various kinds of date sweets in the traditional market. Not only that, you will also have the opportunity to dive into the aspects related to the Bedouin economic and daily lives.


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