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Updated January 2022

In order to attract and retain global talents and strengthen Dubai’s position as a global destination for freelancers, innovators, and talents, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) has recently launched the Dubai Talent Pass. The launch of the freelancing scheme is in line with the emirate of Dubai’s aim of integrating its creative and cultural sectors into its economy.

Read on to know more about the Dubai Talent Pass.

What is the Dubai Talent Pass?

The Dubai Talent Pass is a freelance license with the aim of attracting and retaining global talents and professionals in the fields of art, culture, education, marketing and consultancy, media, and technology. The talent pass scheme is an integral part of Dubai’s efforts to bolster its freelance workforce.

Holders of the Talent Pass are allowed a three-year residency period along with a license to work in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

What are the benefits of the Dubai Talent Pass?

First and foremost, the Talent Pass grants you a 3-year residency visa and a freelance license. This in turn will allow holders of the pass to rent office spaces provided by DAFZ and enables them to access an extensive directory of over 1,800 international and local companies who may hire their expertise and services.

Who is eligible to apply?

Those actively involved in the following fields are eligible for the freelancing scheme:

  • the art
  • culture
  • education
  • media
  • marketing and consultancy
  • technology

For example, you can apply for a Dubai Talent Pass if you plan on working as an actor, writer, or journalist. You are also eligible to apply if you’re in the advertising, training, or education industry along with other specified fields.

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How much is the cost of the Dubai Talent Pass?

The Dubai Talent Pass reportedly costs AED 9,500 and is renewable annually. However, the renewal fee will not be the same as the initial cost and will depend on the category of the applied visa and the applicant’s individual profile.

What are the required documents?

Among the required documents are the applicant’s CV and letter of recommendation or portfolio used to validate and authenticate the talent. If the user is a graduate in the specialized field, a letter of recommendation will not be required.

How do I apply for the Dubai Talent Pass?

So far, there hasn’t been any announcement made by the officials in regards to the application process of the Dubai Talent Pass. We’ll update this section as soon as the information is available.