As announced by the Pakistani airline, Pakistani passengers flying from to the UAE with a single name on their passports will NOT be allowed entry.

With around 1.6 million South Asian expatriates in the UAE, Pakistan-UAE is one of the busiest air routes in the world. However, the UAE government has recently updated its naming guidelines banning travellers with a single name on their passports from entry into the emirate.

According to the South Asian carrier, Pakistan’s Serene Air, “The UAE government has revised the naming guidelines for allowing entry in the Emirates. As per the guideline update, passengers holding passports with [only] a single name and no other name – including, father name/family name – will not be accepted.”

Furthermore, the South Asian carrier also stated that Pakistani travellers with a single name, either in the ‘first name’ or the ‘last name’ category on the passport, will also NOT be permitted entry into the UAE.

Previously, the Indian airlines had also requested passengers to correct their names on their passports as travellers with single names were not allowed to enter the UAE.

However, later the Consulate General of India, Dubai announced that passengers from India with only one name will be granted entry if they have their father or family’s name mentioned on the second page of their passports.

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