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Updated April 2024

The small island nation of Bahrain is widely known for its rich culture and history, modern infrastructure, and exquisite shopping centers. Its proximity to the UAE makes it an ideal destination for Emiratis seeking quick weekend getaways or longer vacations.

If you’re interested in visiting Bahrain from the UAE, here is Wego telling you everything that you need to know about the visa requirements.

Do UAE residents need a Bahrain visa?

UAE nationals do not need a visa to enter Bahrain. However, please note that UAE residents who hold passports of other countries (alien residents) are required to apply for either a Bahrain e-visa or visa on arrival to enter the country, depending on their nationality. The e-visa can be obtained through the Bahrain government’s e-visa portal and is available for the purposes of tourism, business, family visits, as well as other purposes.

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Bahrain visa for UAE residents

For both UAE residents and visitors, there are specialized visa options to suit your requirements. GCC residents planning to visit Bahrain have the convenience of a visa-on-arrival facility, specifically designed for individuals holding certain professional designations. Additionally, there are several other visa alternatives, such as a two-week single-entry visa for GCC residents, a one-month multiple-entry visa for GCC visitors, a three-month multiple-entry visa for GCC residents, and a one-year multiple-entry visa for GCC residents.

For more information on Bahrain’s visa on arrival, please refer to our dedicated article on the topic.

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In the event that you don’t fit into any of these categories but need to journey to Bahrain, you have the option to apply for an e-Visa. This is applicable to citizens from 209 countries who must secure a single-entry Bahrain e-visa before their arrival. Obtaining the e-visa involves completing an online application form, which is readily accessible on Bahrain’s official e-visa portal.

Bahrain offers two types of e-visa as follows:

  • general visit visas (for tourism, business meetings, family visits, etc.)
  • investment visas (specifically for investment purposes)

General requirements

The Bahrain e-visa is issued with the following conditions:

  1. you must be outside Bahrain when applying for the visa.
  2. you must hold a valid passport, which should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Bahrain.
  3. you must provide a copy of your UAE residence permit, with at least six months validity.
  4. you must possess a valid confirmed onward travel ticket to leave Bahrain.
  5. you must provide a copy of your hotel booking. If you are staying with a friend or relative, please provide their passport and resident ID copy.
  6. you must have the financial capacity to support yourself (and any dependents traveling with you) during your visit.
  7. your entry must not pose a threat to the security and national welfare of Bahrain.
  8. you must use the visit visa within 30 days of its approval. If the visa is not used within this time, it will expire, and you will have to apply again and pay another fee.
  9. you can only hold one visa issued for your passport at a time. You must have used your previous visa or it must have expired before you can apply for another visa.
  10. you must provide a copy of a bank statement in your name covering the last three months.

Online application process

To apply for a Bahrain e-visa, follow these steps:

  • visit
  • select “Apply and Eligibility”
  • enter your country of residence, nationality and purpose of visit to Bahrain
  • after entering the captcha code, you will be redirected to the type of visa you should apply for, depending on your purpose of visit
  • in the following pages, enter your personal information
  • pay the fees and complete your application

After your application is approved, you have the option to print a copy of the approval to carry with you when you travel. Upon arrival in Bahrain, the passport officer will be able to access your electronic visa.

If your application is not approved, you can contact the NPRA or the nearest Bahrain embassy for assistance.

Validity and processing time

The validity period of the Bahrain GCC e-visa for UAE residents is 30 days from the date of approval. The e-visa must be used within this period, after which it will expire, and the traveler will need to apply for a new visa and pay the fee again.

The processing time for the Bahrain e-visa for UAE residents is 72 hours.


Bahrain e-visas are priced as below:

  • general visit visa (including tourism, family visits, and business meetings)
    • two-week single entry (stay period of 2 weeks) – BD 9 (AED 87)
    • one-month multiple entry (stay period of 2 weeks) – BD 16 (AED 155)
    • three-month multiple entry (stay period of 1 month) – BD 16 (AED 155)
    • one-year multiple entry (stay period of 90 days) – BD 44 (AED 428)
  • investment visa
    • three-month single entry (stay period of 3 months) – BD 29 (AED 282)

These prices include the processing fee of BD 4 (approximately AED 38). In the event that the e-visa application is not approved, the visa fee will be refunded, but the processing fee will not.


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