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Most people understandably perceive the world’s deserts as inhospitable expanses of nothingness (save for the sand) but through the eyes of an adventurer, the desert is the ultimate playground. The seemingly limitless expanse of sand offers anyone the promise of going full throttle in powerful machines specifically calibrated to traverse and navigate the sandy terrain.   

Many outdoor enthusiasts flock to the deserts of the UAE in the hope of experiencing the thrills associated with conquering these ever-shifting sand dunes onboard an air-conditioned four-wheeler. Here is our ultimate guide to experience dune bashing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. 

*Prices are accurate at the time of writing


ABC Tourism LLC

Upon a warm and traditional welcome at the Majlis ABC Tours desert safari camp with Arabian treats, dates, and Ghawaa, those who have opted to participate in dune bashing are then prepped for their desert excursion. The vehicles of choice extend to 4×4 SUVs, ATVs, quad bikes and, naturally, camels. Please note that ATV rides are available only for those aged 11 and up.

Price starts from AED 234

Orient Tours

An exhilarating 6-hour excursion onboard a 4×4 SUV across the deserts of Dubai. Reach the campsite by sundown and opt for either a rejuvenating barbecue dinner under the stars or a night desert excursion atop the gentle camel. You can also opt to experience the adrenaline rush associated with sandboarding down the steep desert dunes. 

Price starts from AED 287

Sand Trax Tourism LLC

This 3.5-hour desert experience involves participants being driven into the desert in the early morning hours by an experienced driver in a comfortable 4×4 SUV. Upon reaching the desert camp, participants can opt to either relax or go on a quad bike tour across the rugged terrain. Sandboarding down the orange dunes is also an option as the sun’s ray still falls gently upon the sand during the morning hours. Visiting a traditional camel farm is also an option being offered by this desert tour.

Prices start from AED 296

Events Lab L.L.C

This 6-hour desert excursion leaves nothing to the imagination, so to speak. Immerse in the magic and mystery of an Arabian desert on a 6-hour scenic 4WD tour from Dubai. Experience the towering desert dunes like never before in a roller coaster ride on board an all-terrain vehicle. Stop at the zenith of such a sand dune and watch the desert sunset while refreshing yourself with ice-cold beverages. Continue your journey to a Bedouin campsite in the heart of the desert and partake in numerous activities such as henna (tattoo) paintings, dinner under the stars and spectating the enchanting belly dancers.

Prices start from AED 218.

Ammar Tours

A 6 to 7-hour adventure-packed, afternoon and evening desert safari from Dubai. Make your way into the desert onboard a 4×4 SUV with a highly capable driver. Traverse the desert and climb the high dunes in a 30 to 45-minute dune bash. Take part in a sandboarding session and a sunset photo op with activities ranging from camel riding, Shisha pipe to Henna tattoo paintings. You can also dress up in traditional Arab costumes and enjoy an open buffet dinner in the middle o the desert.

Prices start from AED169.


Abu Dhabi

OceanAir Travels Abu Dhabi

This highly-recommended tour operator invites the whole family to an exhilarating morning desert safari. Choose between a private or semi-private tour option consisting of dune bashing, camel riding and sandboarding. The wee hours of the morning are ideal even for the little ones to enjoy a fun and memorable time among the desert sands.

Prices start from AED 196

Trip Arabia Tours & Safari

Beyond the glitz and glam of modern Abu Dhabi, hidden treasures await in the far corners of the desert. The desert simply does not heed the ‘toothless,’ as such you’ve no option but to take on the desert onboard the ultimate high-performing 4×4 Hummer SUV to prove yourself worthy as its would-be conqueror. Challenge the towering dunes for dominance and disembark for an unforgettable photo op atop the dune. Once you’ve claimed your treasure, gently traverse the desert atop a camel and make your way to the desert camp where your desert feast awaits.   

Prices start from AED 1,391

Desert Dreams Tours & Safari

Being the caretakers of the desert, the Bedouins see the desert in a special light. Join them for a fun-packed morning in the desert and prepare to partake in some modern-day fun. Head to the desert camp from your hotel by way of a comfortable 4×4 Land Cruiser and feast your eyes on the beautiful golden landscape of the desert. You can either ask the driver to take you on a relaxing trip through the desert or if you’re feeling adventurous you can opt for a thrilling dune riding session guaranteed to boost your adrenaline levels. Sandboarding and even the one-of-a-kind sand-skiing are options available to you.

Prices start from AED 695


Ras al Khaimah

Events Lab L.L.C

The desert of Ras Al Khaimah is yours for the taking. Embark on a 6-hour 4×4 adventure tour and experience the golden dunes of Arabia by off-road vehicle. Camel rides are also available for those looking to take things slow. Complete the desert experience by enjoying a BBQ buffet under the stars.

Prices start at AED 236

Gulf Tours

A tantalizing trip through the desert followed by an authentic Arabian night experience in the form of desert BBQ and traditional belly dancing performance. You’ll be picked up from any location in Ras al Khaimah by a professional yet friendly driver and head straight to the desert camp. Along the way, tree yourself to the golden view of the limitless sand and learn of the stories of the desert by way of your well-informed driver. Upon reaching the camp, a collection of activities await, the likes of dune bashing, camel rides and sandboarding. 

Prices start from AED 189