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Updated October 2023

GCC countries work visa applicants from nations participating in the GAMCA Health Organization expatriate program—encompassing India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and others—are mandated to procure a GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association) medical test report as part of application process.

In this article Wego will delve deeper into information on GAMCA test for applicants from Pakistan.

Please note that the GAMCA program is now officially known as the Wafid program. The GAMCA website is no longer in service, and you can find the new website at 

GAMCA medical check step-by-step process

Booking an appointment at GAMCA centers in Pakistan is a simple and streamlined process. By adhering to the outlined steps, you can efficiently secure your medical appointment, ensuring a smooth experience for your pre-departure medical examination.

  1. Open Wafid website: Visit the Wafid official page and click on ‘Book an Appointment’ under the Medical Examinations section
  2. Select location: Enter your location (your home country, city and the desired GCC nation you are applying for) – after which you will be assigned a medical center automatically.
  3. Input identity details: Fill in your personal data. These include your full name, date of birth, gender, passport specifics, the visa type (work or family visa), contact information, and your occupation. Confirm the accuracy of the details provided and click on the “Save and Continue” button.
  4. Make payment: On the next page, input your credit card particulars to pay for your medical appointment and finalize the transaction by pressing “Pay” button. Depending on your convenience, you have the payment options of Easypaisa, JazzCash or executing a local bank transfer.
  5. Receive registration confirmation: Upon successful payment, you will receive an appointment confirmation containing information about your appointment (the date, time, and medical center location).
  6. Download GAMCA slip and Visit appointed medical center: Your GAMCA-Wafid medical slip will be generated and sent to you in PDF format via email and WhatsApp. The slip is to be downloaded and taken along with the necessary documents to your nearest GCC-approved medical center in Pakistan.
  7. Medical testing and examination: Undergo the required medical tests and examinations.
  8. Acquire and Submit medical report: Check, download and print your medical report online and submit it to your destination country’s embassy or consulate.

Note: An applicant cannot choose their medical center themselves since it is assigned corresponding to the selected country and city.

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GAMCA medical appointment and requirements 

To book your GAMCA/Wafid medical appointment at centers situated in Pakistan, you will need the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Original CNIC
  • Four passport-size photos with a blue background
  • A single passport copy, either colored or in black and white
  • Two CNIC copies in black and white
  • Agency letter (only for KSA/Saudi work visa)
  • Covid-19 vaccination certificate

Note: Medical center fees shall be paid at the respective center

GAMCA medical centers in Pakistan


1) Advanced Medical Diagnostic Center:

Address: 9-B, College Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 306 1104524

Email: [email protected]

2) Bestway Medical Clinic:

Address: 77-G-2, Phase II, Main Boulevard, Johar Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 353110777

Email: [email protected]

3) Canal View Diagnostic Center:

Address: 4 A/1 Noon Avenue, Old Muslim Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35863341

Email: [email protected]

4) Iqra Medical Complex:

Address: 5-A Johar Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35173800

Email: [email protected]

5) National Diagnostic Centre: 

Address: House 409, Block G-4 Ma, Johar Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35467664

Email: [email protected]

6) Paramount Medical Clinic:

Address: 74/5 Usman Block, Garden Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 358612727

Email: [email protected]

7) Quest Medical Centre:

Address: 13-13 A Aibak Block, Garden Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35941996

Email: [email protected]

8) Taj Medical Travellers Clinic:

Address: Building# 25 Civic Centre, Behind Sunday Bazar, Near LDA office, Main Johar Town Boulevard, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35401681

Email: [email protected]

9) Wafi Medical Clinic: 

Address: 70 C, Main Wahdat Road, Muslim Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35914481

Email: [email protected]

10) Infinity Diagnostic Center: 

Address: 81-R/1 Johar Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35956010

Email: [email protected]

11) North Star Medical Diagnostics:

Address: 13 L Model Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35161300

Email: [email protected]

12) Ridan Diagnostic Centre: 

Address: 16N MA, Johar Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35137267

Email: [email protected]


1) RR Diagnostics Center:

Address: Plot No 80-, Street No 54, I&T center G-9/4, Islamabad

Contact:+92 512808416

Email: [email protected]

2) GCC Diagnostic Centre:

Address: Building No. 1-A & 1-B, Street # 6, G-10/3, Ibn e Sena Road, Islamabad

Contact: +92 512352912

Email: [email protected]

3) Shifa International Hospital:

Address: 4 Pitras Bukhari Road, Sector H-8/4, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact: +92 518463053

Email: [email protected]


1) Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center:

Address: Bangalow# D-9, PECHS Block 6, Near Hotel Faran (Nursery) Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Contact: +92 21345373312

Email: [email protected]

2) Al-Raed Medical Diagnostic Center:

Address: House No.# 17-D, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Contact:+92 21343804808

Email: [email protected]

3) AL-Zaeem Medical Center: 

Address: Icon Tower, Ground Floor, Plot # 84C, 24th Commercial Street, Phase 2 Extension DHA, Karachi

Contact: +92 21353803212

Email: [email protected]

4) Medical Diagnostic Clinic:   

Address: Bungalow No. 9-B, P.E.C.H.S (Nursery), Block No. 6, Near Hotel, Faran Shahrah-e-Faisal​, Karachi

Contact: +92 2134389130

Email: [email protected]

5) Sahil Medical Center:

Address: 82-C, 13th Commercial Street, Phase II, Extension DHA, Karachi

Contact: +92 2135313957

Email: [email protected]

6) Taj Medical Center:

Address: Bungalow # 14-E,Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, KFC LANE Off Main Shara-e-Faisal, Near protector of Immigrant Office, Karachi

Contact: +92 213430007

Email: [email protected]


1) Allied Diagnostic Centre:

Address: D-845 Fifth Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 518897497

Email: [email protected]

2) Bismillah Diagnostic Center:

Address: Main Peshawar Road Near Riwaj Marriage Hall, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 515472193

Email: [email protected]

​3) Federal Diagnostic Center:

Address: B-399, Rawal Plaza, 4th-B road, B-Block Satellite Town, Rawalpindi       

Contact: +92 518442592

Email: [email protected]       

4) Global Medical Center:

Address: Plot No. B-730, Al-Rahim Arcade, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 518312883

Email: [email protected]

5) ​Gulf Medical Center:

Address: House no 67 Asghar Mall Scheme, Alhannan Road, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 518313601

Email: [email protected]

​6) Khaleej Diagnostic Center:

Address: 284/2, Raja Akram Road Near Race Course Road, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 515124978

Email: [email protected]

7) Reliance Medical Lab:

Address: D-975, D-Block, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 518312881

Email: [email protected]

8) Sapphire Medical & Diagnostic Center:

Address: 11-D/1, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 514848811

Email: [email protected]

9) Taqwa Medical Center:

Address: Jawad Plaza, Opposite IJP Metro Station, IJP Road, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 514856682

Email: [email protected]

10) ​Urgent Diagnostic Services:

Address: 101-A, Main 6th Road, Satellite Town, Muree Road, Near Alladin Fun House, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 514933351

Email: [email protected]

11) Mahnoor Diagnostic Center:

Address: 378-Saidpur Road, Satellite Town

Contact: +92 518434029

Email: [email protected]

12) Marhaba Medical Diagnostic Center:

Address: E-50, E Block, Nearby Haidri Chowk, Rawalpindi

Contact: +92 3224423325

Email: [email protected]


1) Adeena Diagnostic Center:

Address: Noor Plaza Arbab Road Stop University Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 915700563

Email: [email protected]

2) Al-Ameer Diagnostic Center:

Address: GT Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 912261175

Email: [email protected]

3) Al-Khair Medical Center:

Address: First Floor Khair Muhammad Plaza Opposite State Bank, 8-A Sadar Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 915260222

Email: [email protected]

4) Amal Medical Center:

Address: Opp Hujra Achini payan, Ring Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 915812233

Email: [email protected]

5) Atlas Medical Center:

Address: Tehkal University Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 915703142

Email: [email protected]

6) Caring And Curing Center:

Address: Cantonment Complex Plaza Fakhr e Alam Road Saddar, Peshawar Cantt

Contact: +92 915286230-31

Email: [email protected]

7) Frontier Diagnostic Center:

Address: Noor Plaza Arbab Road Stop University Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 915700563

Email: [email protected]

8) Quality Medical Center:

Address: Cantonment Building Fakhar-E-Alam Road, Peshawar Cantt

Contact: +91 5277007

Email: [email protected]

9) Inaam Medical Center:

Address: Near Gilani Mart, Ring Road Peshawar

Contact: +91 2584100

Email: [email protected]

10) Maryam Diagnostic Center:

Address: Haji Meer Afzal Plaza, Shinwari Town, Near MMC Hospital, Dalazak Chowk, Ring Road Peshawar

Contact: +92 912582795

Email: [email protected]

11) Medical Diagnostic Center:

Address: Jibran Adeel Plaza, Bilal Town, Near Wapda Office, G.T Road Peshawar City

Contact: +92 912262213

Email: [email protected]

12) Peshawar Medical Checkup Center:

Address: C1-C4, Lamsy Arcade, Fakhr-E-Alm Road, Peshawar Cantt

Contact: +92 915277451

Email: [email protected]

13) Star Diagnostic Center:

Address: 1354-B Saddar Road, Peshawar

Contact: +92 912582795

Email: [email protected]


1) Al Falaq Diagnostic Center:

Address: 10-DC Road, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553254671

Email: [email protected]

2) Alaq Medical & Diagnostic Center:

Address: Opp Need Store & Christian Graveyard Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553251447

Email: [email protected]

3) Arsh Diagnostic Center:

Address: Pepli Chowk, Kangni Wala Main Road, Opp. Sanitary Market, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 554551413

Email: [email protected]

4) Citi Care Diagnostic Center:

Address: 28 – DC Road, Lalazar Colony, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553732800

Email: [email protected]

5) Health Care Diagnostic Center:

Address: Main Sialkot Bypass Road, Opp. Royal Garden Hotel, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553893940

Email: [email protected]

6) Misbah Diagnostic Center:

Address: Zia Plaza, Opposite GTS Bus Stand, GT Road, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553252100

Email: [email protected]

7) Pacific Diagnostic Center:

Address: Main Sialkot bypass road, opposite Garden Town, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553893611

Email: [email protected]

8) Royal Diagnostic Center:

Address: House No. 202, Sui Gas Road, Near Regional Sui Gas Office, Gujranwala

Contact: +92 553891500

Email: [email protected]


1) Al-Barkaat Diagnostic Center:

Address: 236-A, General Bus Stand Road, S.R.A Colony, Multan, Pakistan

Contact: +92 616778338

Email: [email protected]

2) Fatima Diagnostic Center:

Address: 1050-C, Khanewal Road, Near Chowk Rasheedabad, Multan, Pakistan

Contact: +92 616355230

Email: [email protected]

3) Horizon Medical Laboratory:

Address: # 335/ XXII, Khanewal Road, Multan, Pakistan

Contact: +92 616775160

Email: [email protected]

4) Multan Diagnostic Center:

Address: 4-Ahmad Park Khanewal Road, Near Hamza CNG, Multan

Contact: +92 614555007

Email: [email protected]

5) Well Being Diagnostic Center:

Address: Ground Floor, Noor Center, Near Daewoo Terminal Khanewal Road, Multan

Contact: +92 616773322

Email: [email protected]


1) Galaxy Medical & Diagnostic Center:

Address: Wazirabad Road Noul Morr, Near Rajco Industries, Sialkot, Pakistan

Contact: +92 523574270

Email: [email protected]

2) Nova Diagnostic Center:

Address: Sultan Plaza, Khadim Ali Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

Contact: +92 523577555

Email: [email protected]

GAMCA Pakistan medical fees

Appointment slip fee: PKR 4,000

Normal medical test fee: PKR 17,000

Urgent medical test fee: PKR 18,000

GAMCA medical report status check

The primary purpose of the GAMCA medical report is to assess the health condition of expatriates and confirm their fitness for employment. You can access your GAMCA test report in Pakistan through the Wafid website by using either your passport number or medical slip number.

For a step-by-step guide, refer to our dedicated article on checking your report online via both your passport and slip numbers.

How to Check GAMCA Medical Report Online for Pakistan Passport in 2024?


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