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Updated December 2023

As the 2024 Hajj is approaching, the Pakistani government has unveiled the Pak Hajj App to enhance the pilgrimage experience.

This application serves as a comprehensive tool, offering a range of features to ensure a more seamless and efficient pilgrimage experience. Pilgrims can easily access the application, making preparations and navigation during the sacred journey more convenient and accessible.

Read on as Wego has covered all the essential features in Pakistan’s brand-new Hajj application.

What is the Pak Hajj app?

The Pak Hajj app stands as a cutting-edge creation from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, designed to streamline the Hajj pilgrimage experience for Pakistani pilgrims. This application serves as a comprehensive resource, delivering all pertinent information associated with the Hajj journey.

Notably, it operates offline, recognizing the substantial risk of pilgrims being disconnected from the telephone network during their pilgrimage.

The application provides a multilingual feature, offering support for both English and Urdu. This functionality enables pilgrims to seamlessly switch between these two languages, catering to individual preferences and ensuring ease of understanding and utilization.

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Pak Hajj app download

The application is readily available for download on both the PlayStore and Apple Store platforms, providing accessibility to a wide range of users.

Whether on a smartphone or tablet, users can easily obtain the application from their respective app stores, enhancing the convenience and reach of this valuable tool for the pilgrimage experience.

Pak Hajj app features

The Pak Hajj application offers a multitude of useful features to support Hajj pilgrims in their journey. Here, we highlight the key features of the Pak Hajj application.

All-in-one Hajj information

The Pak Hajj application streamlines access to comprehensive information related to pilgrims’ Hajj journey. Providing a user-friendly interface, pilgrims can effortlessly check real-time updates on their Hajj application status.

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The application also serves as a secure repository for storing personal details and offers valuable insights into the pilgrims’ Hajj group, presenting detailed information about group members.

Additionally, pilgrims can readily retrieve details on Mehram information, helper details, additional facilities, Hajj dues, nominee information, and bank account details through this centralized platform.

Flight and accommodation details

Pilgrims can easily access and review flight information, encompassing flight numbers, departure cities, as well as dates and times for both departure and return flights.

Beyond travel logistics, the application also provides insightful details about accommodations in Makkah and Madinah, offering specifics such as sector, building, and room details. Additionally, pilgrims can conveniently access information about the Maktab (camp) location, ensuring they are well informed and prepared for every aspect of their sacred journey.

List of Dua

The application provides a valuable resource for pilgrims to access essential duas for various phases of their journey, including those for leaving home reciting before entering Ihram and the Talbiyah.

By offering a convenient and accessible repository of these duas, the application ensures that pilgrims can easily reference and recite them at the appropriate moments, enriching their spiritual experience during the sacred pilgrimage.

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Offline map

The application offers an offline map feature, aiding pilgrims in choosing the most efficient route to their destination. This includes the convenient option to share their current location with others. This functionality enhances the overall navigation experience for pilgrims during their sacred journey.

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