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Updated December 2023

Dubai, a mesmerizing city that continually captivates the world, stands as a testament to extraordinary architecture, pioneering technology, and an opulent way of life. Among the exciting ventures on the horizon, Palm Jebel Ali stands out as a significant endeavor—a vast artificial island that holds the potential to redefine the essence of island living. It represents a groundbreaking project that aims to reshape our perception of what it means to inhabit an island.

Palm Jebel Ali goes beyond being just an island, showcasing an exceptional blend of engineering excellence and artistic ingenuity. It stands as a remarkable testament to human accomplishment, destined to leave an indelible mark in history. Here are some key facts to keep in mind about this highly anticipated luxury island:

Palm Jebel Ali Dubai latest news

Approximately 1,200 homes have been launched on Dubai’s second Palm island. The initial homes recently went on sale, paving the way for the release of the next set. Investors secured their homes with a 20 percent down payment, amounting to roughly over $1 million. In less than 40 days, sales of released units at Palm Jebel Ali have surpassed AED 5.4 billion, according to official data.

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Palm Jebel Ali Dubai location

Situated along the Dubai coastline, adjacent to the Jebel Ali port, Palm Jebel Ali proudly occupies its place. Its distinctive design takes the form of a palm tree, showcasing 17 fronds that extend gracefully across the landscape. Encompassing a vast area of 70 square kilometers, the island is encircled by a majestic crescent-shaped breakwater, which seamlessly integrates it into the trio of palm-shaped islands.

Palm Jebel Ali Dubai opening date

While the specific opening date for Palm Jebel Ali remains undisclosed at present, anticipation runs high for its arrival as a world-class lifestyle destination poised to invigorate Dubai’s thriving tourism industry. As the project advances, we will continue to provide updates on its progress and eventual completion, ensuring you stay well-informed about this exciting endeavor.

Palm Jebel Ali Dubai facts

  • construction of Palm Jebel Ali Dubai began in 2002 as part of a series of man-made islands in Dubai
  • the island spans an area of 13.4 square kilometers, twice the size of Palm Jumeirah
  • it will add 110 kilometers to Dubai’s coastline
  • the island will feature six marinas, a ‘marine village,’ an aqua park, and water houses on stilts
  • more than 80 hotels and resorts will be built on the island
  • it will provide homes for over 35,000 families, offering mansions and luxury apartments
  • 30 percent of public utilities on the island will be powered by renewable energy
  • the project incorporates recycling units and considers environmental factors and marine habitat conservation
  • Palm Jebel Ali Dubai aims to be a model for contemporary urban planning with mixed-use neighborhoods, smart city technologies, and sustainability practices
  • it presents opportunities for Dubai’s tourism, hospitality sectors, and real estate investors
  • the island showcases stunning architecture and magnificent design


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