Trust your intuition, they say. If you want to be lucky in love, trust your intuition. And if that doesn’t work? 

Trust the place. 

Whether you are single or a couple, here are five cities you MUST visit to find or keep your love:


A no-nonsense place with strict laws and an airtight demeanour, Singapore offers plenty of space for personal liberty. Of course, it believes in commerce. But it also believes in love, which explains the big heart-shaped structure at Clarke Quay Central.

Along the peaceful Singapore River, couples lock their love on the big heart with padlocks that have their names and pictures. Don’t ask us what they do with the keys. No one is allowed to throw anything into the river. This is Singapore, darling!

Lovers can also visit the Yueh Hai Ching temple on Philip Street to seek the blessings of Yue Lao, the deity responsible for keeping lovers together.

The Chinese believe that a couple is tied together in love by a thin red thread of fate that is seen on the little fingers of men and women. Many couples hence tie a red thread around the deity’s neck so their love remains blessed forever. 

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Paris, France

The Pont des Arts bridge in Paris was in the news recently when a portion of it fell into the Seine river because it couldn’t carry the weight of the love locks on it.

The city does not encourage lovers to lock their love here anymore, but one wonders if the bridge was a hit with couples for the sheer romance that surrounds it.

With the Eiffel Tower shining in the background, the light of the setting sun glinting off the beautiful buildings around, and the vast blue sky embracing the waters of the Seine, this truly is one lucky place for romantics. If you want some privacy, catch the sunrise here!

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Bangkok, Thailand

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, make a trip to the Central World shopping mall to see Bangkok’s Shrine of Love.

The Trimurti shrine here is popular with locals who believe that the deity’s blessings bring soulmates. Red roses, red scented candles, incense sticks and a prayer written on a stone below the shrine may be your ticket to the eternal paradise of everlasting love.

The deity represents the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer — the three aspects of the Divine as per Hindu tradition. 

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Hwagae, South Korea

Few springtime sights are as mesmerising as soft blooms of cherry blossom fluttering in the air, and the upcoming cherry blossom season is a perfect time to visit South Korea.

During March and April, the air is sweet with cherry blossom, and excitement is high as cities all over South Korea host festivals to welcome the blooms.

Hwagae Market

One of locals’ favorite festivals is Hwagae Market Cherry Blossom Festival at Hwagae Market, where visitors can enjoy street food and watch cultural performances surrounded by the cherry blossom trees.


Couples visiting simply must not miss the famous 10-ri (Simni) Cherry Blossom Road, the road adorned with rows of cherry blossom trees linking Ssanggyesa Temple and Hwagae Market. Also known as “Wedding Road”, legend has it that lovers who walk down the lane while holding hands will get married and live happily together.

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Saitama, Japan

The capital city of Saitama Prefecture is well-known for the Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine that has a 10 metre long corridor of wind chimes with prayers written on them.

The messages hang on cards during the season of Corridor of Marriage Wind Chimes, which lasts from July till the beginning of September. The Japanese — and most communities across the world — believe in the power of the wind to convey messages, and this belief is the source of this peculiar event.

Men and women write their hearts out praying their love will be heard and reciprocated. The sound of the chimes along with the lights at the temple produce a calming, beautiful effect that stays with visitors for a long time to come. 

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Verona, Italy

It’s no surprise that Verona — the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet — is a big favorite with lovers around the world. A 14th century building here is one of the main attractions.

Believed to be Juliet’s home, Casa di Giulietta attracts hundreds of tourists — lovers and otherwise — who leave misty-eyed after seeing Novello Finotti’s statue of Shakespeare’s young protagonist in the courtyard.

Juliet’s original statue, built by sculptor Nereo Costantini in 1969, now stands in a small museum in the house. An earlier tradition of touching the right breast of the statue for luck is the subject of controversy today, but a visit to Juliet’s house is all it takes for many lovers to fill their hearts with hope and faith.

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