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Updated May 2024

Oman, a captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern aspirations, is making significant changes to its visa policies. As we step into 2024, travelers and expatriates are eagerly awaiting the implementation of these new regulations. Whether you’re planning a family visit, exploring business opportunities, or seeking adventure, understanding these visa rules is essential.

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Read on as Wego unravels the details of the new visa rules in Oman.

Oman new visa rules 2024

A common tourist visa for all GCC countries was approved during the 40th meeting of the Interior Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The meeting took place in the Omani capital, Muscat. This will allow tourists to travel across all six GCC countries with a single visa, and it is expected to come into effect by 2024 or 2025. You can learn more about this visa from our dedicated article on the topic by clicking the link below.

GCC Unified Tourist Visa 2024: What We Know About the Upcoming Schengen-Style Common Tourism Visa


New Oman visa rules for GCC residents

As the authorities stated, the new rule applies to all commercial professions at any time, regardless of a traveler’s point of departure.

Visa-Free Entry to Oman For GCC Travellers: What We Know So Far

Furthermore, residents are not required to arrive directly from their country of residence to enjoy this benefit. The rule will be applicable, and they will be permitted entry at any time and from any destination they arrive from.

However, to be eligible for entry into Oman, the GCC traveler’s residence visa must be valid for at least three (3) months.

Schengen visa waiver

The European Union (EU) has announced a significant relaxation of Schengen visa rules for Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia citizens, making it notably easier for nationals of these Gulf countries to visit Europe.

This decision was revealed during the EU-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) High-Level Forum on Regional Security and Cooperation in Luxembourg, where the European Commission adopted implementing decisions to update the Schengen rules specifically for these three Gulf states.

Notably, Omani nationals will now be eligible for multiple-entry visas, allowing them to freely visit and move between the Schengen area countries over a five-year period. This development signifies a considerable step forward in EU-Oman relations and enhances travel opportunities for Omani citizens.


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