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Updated 16 February 2022

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, has reopened for international travels. But while tourists and residents alike are permitted to enter Abu Dhabi, strict measures extending to PCR tests and quarantine are currently in effect. It’s worth noting that these measures also apply to travellers from neighboring Dubai.

However, if you are travelling to Abu Dhabi from a country on the green list or if you are fully vaccinated, you would not need to serve quarantine. The following is the full list of green countries, regions and territories allowed entry into Abu Dhabi.

The Green List of UAE

Abu Dhabi’s green list includes:

  1. Albania
  2. Algeria
  3. Armenia
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Bahrain
  8. Belarus
  9. Belgium
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  11. Brazil
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Burma
  14. Cambodia
  15. Canada
  16. China
  17. Croatia
  18. Cyprus
  19. Czech Republic
  20. Denmark
  21. Finland
  22. France
  23. Georgia
  24. Germany
  25. Greece
  26. Hong Kong (SAR)
  27. Hungary
  28. Indonesia
  29. Iran
  30. Iraq
  31. Israel
  32. Italy
  33. Japan
  34. Kazakhstan
  35. Kuwait
  36. Kyrgyzstan
  37. Laos
  38. Latvia
  39. Luxembourg
  40. Malaysia
  41. Maldives
  42. Netherlands
  43. Morocco
  44. Norway
  45. Oman
  46. Papua New Guinea
  47. Philippines
  48. Poland
  49. Portugal
  50. Republic of Ireland
  51. Romania
  52. Saudi Arabia
  53. Serbia
  54. Singapore
  55. Slovakia
  56. Slovenia
  57. South Korea
  58. Spain
  59. Sweden
  60. Switzerland
  61. Syria
  62. Seychelles
  63. Taiwan, Province of China
  64. Tajikistan
  65. Thailand
  66. Tunisia
  67. Turkey
  68. Yemen
  69. Turkmenistan
  70. Ukraine
  71. United States of America
  72. Uzbekistan

Remember that exemptions apply only for passengers coming from countries on the green list. Exemptions are not based on citizenship.

Visa requirements for the green-listed countries

Travellers from most countries on the green list are eligible for a visa on arrival. They can simply fly to Abu Dhabi and head to the immigration department.

You can also fly to Abu Dhabi if you are a UAE national or resident, you are eligible for a visa on arrival or you hold a visit visa for Abu Dhabi. 

Entry from Dubai or other Emirates

Fully vaccinated international passengers travelling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai or other Emirates will need to follow these guidelines:

  • Download the ICA Smart Services app and complete the registration, this does not apply to UAE nationals or transit travellers.
  • Download the Al Hosn app, which is the Green Pass gateway to most of Abu Dhabi’s public places.
  • The Green Pass will be activated for 14 days for fully vaccinated individuals who receive a negative COVID-19 PCR test result.
  • Those who do not have Al Hosn app installed can present proof of full vaccination via a certificate from their home country, as well as a negative PCR test result within the last 14 days if the test was taken in the UAE.
  • All passengers will be scanned by EDE devices at the border to gain permission to enter the emirate. Those showing COVID-19 symptoms will need to undergo a free rapid antigen test. 
  • Abu Dhabi residents who test positive will fitted with a tracking wristband and will need to quarantine for 10 days. Non-Abu Dhabi residents who receive a positive test result will have to return to the emirate from which they travelled and notify the local health authorities.

Check out our article on the complete rules for travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai or other Emirates.

Abu Dhabi entry regulations

Only UAE nationals, residents with a valid residence visa, and those who are eligible for a visa on arrival can enter the UAE through Abu Dhabi’s airports. If you are travelling to Abu Dhabi, you must follow these additional rules:

  • have a negative PCR test result issued within 48 hours of departure or a negative DPI test result issued within 24 hours of departure
  • download the ALHOSN UAE app on your mobile phones before you travel to Abu Dhabi
  • undergo a thermal screening and another COVID-19 PCR testing on arrival at Abu Dhabi airport

Travelling to Abu Dhabi (unless you are travelling from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Uganda) no longer requires approval from Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). However, you are recommended to visit and submit your passport number and Emirates ID number to receive instant verification of your entry status.

Abu Dhabi has also established quarantine-free travel corridors for fully vaccinated travellers (final dose received at least 28 days before travel) with:

  • Bahrain
  • Greece
  • Serbia
  • Seychelles

Abu Dhabi quarantine and testing regulations

Guidelines for vaccinated passengers

  • If you are coming from green countries, you do not need to quarantine yourself. However, you will need to do an RT-PCR test on arrival and on day 6 from arrival.
  • If you are coming from other countries, you do not need to quarantine yourself. You will need to do an RT-PCR test on arrival, day 4 and day 8 from arrival.

To be fully vaccinated, you must have received two doses of the same vaccine at least 14 days before departure. Information about the vaccine must be documented on the Al Hosn app.

Guidelines for non-vaccinated passengers

  • If you are coming from green countries, you do not need to quarantine yourself. However, you will need to do an RT-PCR test on arrival, days 6 and 9 from arrival.
  • If you are coming from other countries, you must quarantine yourself for 10 days. Additionally, you will need to do an RT-PCR test on arrival and on day 9 from arrival.

If you have arrived from a country that the UAE authorities deem are high-risk, then you will be subject to quarantine at a government facility.

The vaccinated protocol applies to all vaccinated UAE citizens and residents in the emirate of Abu Dhabi who received their second vaccine dose at least 28 days earlier, which is documented in the vaccine report on the Al Hosn app.

Children under 12 are exempt from testing unless they show symptoms.

Entry from earlier banned countries

Recently, the UAE government has lifted the travel ban for fully vaccinated travellers from the 12 earlier banned countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. 

UAE residents who have received their booster dose will also be allowed to travel to those countries.