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Reviewed May 2024

As soon as you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you should apply for an Iqama—or resident visa—as nearly every administrative process in the country requires you to provide one. An Iqama card holds various information about its holders such as your name, photo, nationality, and date of birth, as well as your nationality, employer, and 10-digit ID number.

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Please keep on reading as Wego shares the steps on how find your Iqama number.

Iqama number

The Iqama card will have a 10-digit number combination. It can be below your photo or in the bottom center of the card. This is your Iqama number, which you may use to check your Iqama status online at the Saudi Interior Ministry’s website.

Please check our dedicated article below to find out how to check your Iqama status online.

Iqama Check 2024: How to Easily Check Your Iqama Status Online?

Iqama number example

The third line of your Iqama contains your Iqama number written in Arabic numerals. The Iqama number follows a specific format, consisting of 10 digits. This number is assigned chronologically by the Jawazat upon issuance.

Iqama number check with border number

You can check if your Iqama ID has been issued or not with your Border Number.

  • Visit the MoL Portal.
  • Checkmark the “Consent” and click on the green button to proceed
  • Enter the Border number
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Type the 6-digit captcha verification code and click on Next

The system will show you the details of your name, gender, nationality, and your Iqama ID number if it has already been issued.

Iqama number SIM card check

Obtaining a SIM card in Saudi Arabia is connected to your Iqama. An Iqama holder is limited to having a maximum of two SIM cards at any time. You can check the number of sim cards registered under your Iqama in the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CTIC) portal.

If you’d like to check how many SIM cards are connected to your Iqama, you can follow the steps below:

  • go to the CITC portal
  • select inquiry service
  • select ‘individual’
  • enter your Iqama number and date of birth as per the Hijri calendar
  • select ‘Yes, I have a mobile phone’ if you have a phone
  • enter your mobile number
  • enter the captcha code
  • click the ‘search’ button
  • enter the OTP number sent to your mobile
  • click ‘submit’

You will then be redirected to a page listing your registered SIM card numbers.

If you don’t have access to a mobile number, click on “No, I don’t have a mobile phone”. The system will then go through its records and present the names of all cellular companies who can provide you with one.


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