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Updated January 2024

Qatar is a land of luxurious living, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences whose opulence and elegance entice visitors. If you plan on visiting Qatar, getting a visa is crucial, whether you’re a first-time tourist or a regular business traveller.

Read on as Wego provides everything you need to know about the fees for different categories of visas in Qatar.

Qatar visa price

Qatar visa costs vary depending on the type, and fees are typically non-refundable. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it’s crucial for travellers to thoroughly assess their visa requirements before submitting their application and paying the fee.

Please note that all fees are accurate at the time of writing.

Qatar Visa on Arrival

The Qatar visa on arrival allows nationals of 95 eligible countries to obtain a visa waiver upon arrival to Qatar by presenting a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months and a confirmed onward or return ticket.

The Qatar visa on arrival is absolutely free of cost for all the travellers eligible for the visa. The extension or renewal of the visa is also free of cost.

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Qatar Family Visit Visa

The Qatar family visit visa allows expatriate residents in Qatar to bring their family members to Qatar on a short-term basis. The visa is mainly issued to immediate family members. However, it can now also be issued to other relatives of the expatriates.

The price of a Qatar family visit visa is fixed at QAR 200 (USD 55) and QAR 50 (USD 13) for each registered companion or dependent per month.

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Qatar Tourist Visa

The Qatar tourist visa (A1) is a type of visa that permits tourists to visit Qatar for a maximum duration of 30 days on a single trip. This visa is designed to facilitate tourism and allows visitors to explore the numerous attractions, experience the rich culture, and enjoy the renowned hospitality of Qatar.

The cost of the Qatar tourist visa is QAR 100 (USD 27) for the main applicant and QAR 50 (USD 13.50) for each accompanying person.

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Qatar Transit Visa

If you are transiting in Qatar for a minimum of 5 hours, you are eligible to apply for the Qatar transit visa, which is free of charge, valid for up to 96 hours and open to passengers of all nationalities.

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Qatar Business Visa

Qatar business visa allows non-Qataris to conduct business and work in the country on a temporary basis.

The cost of a business visa in Qatar varies depending on the duration of the visa and the number of entries to Qatar. A 72-hour business visa is fixed at a fee of QAR 50. A service fee of QAR 200 (USD 55) applies for all Business Visa applications.

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Qatar Work Visa

A Qatar work visa is a work permit and a residence permit issued by the Qatari government for foreign employees or workers. The employees are required to be employed by a Qatari employer (can be a company or individual) who is typically responsible for handling their Qatar work visa application.

The cost of a work visa in Qatar varies depending on the duration of the visa and the number of entries to Qatar. The employment entry visa to get you into the country costs QAR 200 (USD 55), and there is a further fee of QAR 500 (USD 138) to convert this to a work residence permit. However, your employer will usually pay for it on your behalf.

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Qatar Student Visa

The student visa in Qatar offers individuals from foreign countries the opportunity to temporarily immigrate to Qatar for the purpose of pursuing a course of study.

Applying for a Qatar student visa or education residence visa is free of charge. However, you must prove that you have sufficient funding for your studies.

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