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Updated January 2024

Saudi Arabia is realizing its ambitious Vision 2030 through a series of innovative and luxurious developments. The Kingdom is advancing in technology and sustainable living, creating transformative experiences for both residents and visitors. One such development is Aquellum, located in the captivating mountains of northwest Saudi Arabia.

Aquellum, featuring the world’s first floating marina, is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to progress and grandeur. This innovative development is located in NEOM, a futuristic region in northwest Saudi Arabia powered by 100% renewable energy. Join Wego, as we highlight the strides Saudi Arabia is making in technology and sustainable living.

What is Aquellum?

Aquellum is a visionary underground digital society, nestled within NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s ambitious USD 500 billion smart city project. This extraordinary community is ingeniously embedded into a towering mountain range that stretches 450 meters high along the Gulf of Aqaba.

From the outside, Aquellum is virtually undetectable, embodying a revolutionary architectural concept that harmonizes with nature. It houses a variety of facilities, including hotels, apartments, retail outlets, recreational and entertainment areas, and innovation centres. The community thrives on limitless creativity and cutting-edge technology.


To enter Aquellum, guests embark on a unique vessel at the world’s inaugural floating marina. Inside, they are greeted by a breathtaking 100-meter-high vertical journey, featuring a magnificent courtyard that extends from the water surface to the sky. An all-direction internal transit system ensures effortless access to the upper levels, whisking residents and visitors to their accommodations, and ascending to rooftop gardens that offer panoramic coastal vistas.

Aquellum is envisioned as a pioneering community that provides a glimpse into the future of living. It offers guests a sneak peek into what life could look like in the future. This destination seamlessly blends advanced technology, groundbreaking architecture, and progressive concepts.

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Where is Aquellum located?

Aquellum is nestled within a mountain range that soars 450 meters high, situated along the Gulf of Aqaba in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. It forms an integral part of NEOM, an ambitious smart city initiative in the region. Ingeniously concealed within the mountain range, Aquellum can be accessed through the world’s pioneering floating marina.

What can we expect from Aquellum?

Aquellum is a subterranean community within NEOM, a smart city project in Saudi Arabia. It features a boulevard that connects various social spaces, hospitality services, arts, events, shopping, and dining areas. A central feature is ‘The Generator,’ a space dedicated to research labs for innovators and creative thinkers.

An omnidirectional internal transit system provides easy access to upper floors, transporting residents and visitors to their homes and hotels. The rooftop gardens offer coastal views. Aquellum is designed with a focus on luxury, innovation, and lifestyle, utilizing advanced design and construction techniques.

As part of NEOM’s commitment to conservation and innovation, Aquellum is situated in a coastal location and is part of a group of sustainable tourism destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba, including Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, and Norlana.

When will Aquellum be open?

The exact month and date for the opening of Aquellum have not been specified. However, it is expected that Aquellum, the futuristic subterranean community in NEOM, is set to open in the year 2024.

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